Improving School Roles

School is a place where the students learning many subjects, such as English, math, biology, history, etc. so, what are the roles of school? Some arguments can be given here:

First, school should be the learning center for everybody in it. Not only for students but also for teachers, administration staff, gardener, security and so on. By providing some trainings, getting together, out bond and the like.

Second, it is a place to create students characters. Pupil can study by their selves at home but they are lack of social interaction. When the study at school, they can interact with different students from different cultures and tribes. It means that school has to create the system where the students have to obey the moral values that are applied by the school.

Finally, it is also a center of joyfulness. The students will get the motivation if they feel happy at school but when they think that they do not get what they want, they will feel boring and it causes laziness for them to study at school.

There are many other school roles if we want to mention them one by one, but at this time, I only deliver three of them as the discourses to be discussed by all the teachers who care about the improving of school.

by Fadly, S.PdI


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Exciting English

exciting english 2009Exciting English is a program that is planned to give learning experience for students. There are some competitions in it. They are Speech, Story telling and Debate. We did it on October 29th last year but now, we plan to hold it on July 29th and August 5th 2010. The competitions are not only for junior high school students but also for elementary students will follow music festival, story telling and English contest, while elementary students will compete in guess and win contest.

This program is held by English Teachers’ Forum of Junior High School Dumai. The fund is from registration fee and some proposals that are sent to the big companies. We make this program as annual program. And we hope other teacher association especially English Teachers’ Forum do this program for improving students’ ability and to measure how far is the result of teacher guidance at their own school.

“Think globally, act locally”

By Fadly
Chairperson of English Teachers’ Forum
of Junior High School Dumai

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